Helping my Heart

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I must start this article by sending virtual hugs to my forever beating heart & wife of 20 years, Amanda Capes-Davis. She is my rock and everything I do is possible because of her support. Early this century our beautiful daughter Renee was born. A favourite picture at the time shows that I was overweight and from what I know … Read More

Bike North Volunteer Award

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At the 2018 AGM of Bike North I was awarded one of two Volunteer Awards. So what went into that award? Below is my Communications Report from the 2018 Bike North Annual Report which gives you an idea. You can read the whole report HERE. Bike North News received a revamp this year. While the news template itself did not … Read More

City of Parramatta Cycling

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Cycling in Parramatta

City of Parramatta is a great proponent of cycling in the area. The City has a very active cycle ways committee. One crowing achievement across many years has been the creation of the Parramatta Valley Cycleway. By mid 2017, the path will be off road (or quiet local road) from Macarthur St in Parramatta through to Meadowbank. The City has … Read More

Great Cycle Challenge

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The month of October means only one thing to a cyclist in Australia, the Great Cycle Challenge. The Great Cycle Challenge – Riding to Fight Kids’ Cancer – is a national Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) fundraising initiative. Being a cyclist working at CMRI, it would be very hard for me not to take part. So like the previous two … Read More

Parramatta Stronger Communities Funds Proposal

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Windsor Rd to North Rocks Rd

UPDATE: Submission can be viewed at I have made an submission to the Parramatta Stronger Communities Funds Proposal. The proposal is for a cycling/walking path from the corner of James Ruse Drive and Windsor Road to North Rocks Road opposite 99 North Rocks Road. The featured image of this post shows a diagram of the proposal. Yan also download … Read More

Cycling Statistics

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Heat map The featured image of this post is my Strava Heat map, 2008 til 2016. You will see my work commute as a path well ridden. I make the occasional trip north to Brooklyn and beyond, and down south-west along the great M7 cycleway. Distances As of the time of this post, I have ridden a total of over … Read More