NSW Police Legacy – 100km Ride

Darryn Capes-DavisCycling

On Friday 13th Nov 2020, As part of my rides for NSW Police Legacy Remembrance Ride 2020 I took to Centennial Park in support of Raff Del Vecchio (Police Bank) and Mal Lanyon (Deputy Commissioner) who ere doing 300km for the day!

Arriving at 7am I jumped on the group of other supporters, including Mark Renshaw, on their 2nd lap. It was a fast paced ride with one short break for photos. As I am not at peak fitness of any sort, I dropped off the back after 80km but continued on to complete 100km (27 Laps).

100km is the longest I have ridden in one day since I broke my shoulder and hip in January 2019. So I am very happy with that and with any luck I may ride a little further on Sunday November 15th when I join Jon Leighton and the Peloton Events / Bicycle NSW team on a 140km Wisemans Ferry ride.

Strava Ride Card
Ride Group – I’m fourth wheel in the front line
Centennial Park Ride Group

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