NSW Police Legacy – 80km Ride

Darryn Capes-DavisCycling

On Sunday 15th November I took part in my second ride for NSW Police Legacy in 2020. Supporting the ride was Peloton Events, NSW Safe Cycling and Bicycle NSW. The ride was challenging 140km ride through north western Sydney to Wiseman’s Ferry. As I am still getting back to peak fitness, and knew it would be a fast paced ride, I planned to finish at Wiseman’s Ferry.

As photos and video show below, it is an absolutely picturesque ride with stunning river views along River Rd to Wiseman’s Ferry. The small group of 11 riders took me along at a fast pace – we actually averaged over 30km/h form Hornsby to Wiseman’s Ferry!

Thanks to ride co-captains Jon Leighton and Daryn Middleton. A well organised ride for NSW Police Legacy Remembrance Ride 2020.

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