In 2007 I was unfit and overweight. So one Sunday I decided to go to K-Mart, get a Huffy bike and ride to work – Carlingford to Westmead. Getting there downhill was easy, coming back up North Rocks Road not so easy. For the first few weeks of commuting to work I struggled up the hills, walking a lot. Slowly I gained fitness and lost weight, losing over 20kg in 18 months.

After 1000km, the Huffy broke apart and I purchased the Trek flat bar commuter that I still ride to work today. When the Trek was not fast enough, I purchased my Cervelo road bike, pictured on this page in one of the ‘Gong’ rides.

In 2008 I joined Bike North, an organisation which advocates for cycling across northern Sydney. Their social rides calendar is very extensive and I enjoyed the rides so much that in 2009 I was elected Rides Coordinator, a post I held for 3 years. In 2012 I was elected President, a post which I held for one year, retiring from the role when work became more busy. In 2017 I was voted in Communications Manager, voted in again to that role in 2018. I am also an active Ride Leader for Bike North and a Master Ride Leader for Bicycle NSW.

In 2019 I joined the Board of Bicycle NSW filling a casual vacancy. I am running for election again with voting commencing in late November 2019 prior to the December 2019 AGM.

I ride as an engineer, to push myself, obtaining goals of distance and climbing. I ride a Trek SOHO (2008) which I have now ridden over 36,000km and a Cervelo S3d (2017) which I have now ridden over 2,500km.

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