City of Parramatta Cycling

Darryn Capes-DavisCycling

Cycling in Parramatta

City of Parramatta is a great proponent of cycling in the area. The City has a very active cycle ways committee. One crowing achievement across many years has been the creation of the Parramatta Valley Cycleway. By mid 2017, the path will be off road (or quiet local road) from Macarthur St in Parramatta through to Meadowbank.

The City has just released their latest Bike Plan. There are many ways to review and comment.

Bike North ( is active in the area as well. If you are interested in participating in making cycling better in Parramatta get in touch via this website or email

I am a member of Bike North, and lead the Parramatta sub committee. I am also a non voting member of the Bike North executive, taking a role in various projects. I am also a member of the Parramatta Cycleways Committee.