Weewx Weather Software Responsive Skin

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Carlingford Weather - Desktop

The Carlingford Weather Website, http://carlingfordweather.sydney, uses the Weewx Linux based weather software. Weewx allows for skins to customise the generated website. I have written a Responsive Skin for Weewx, along with some specific Australian weather and forecast extensions.

The Skin

The feature image shows a screenshot of how the responsive skin looks on a regular desktop computer. A mobile phone screen shot is shown below. If you use Weewx you can get the skin at GitHub.

Carlingford Weather - Mobile

Carlingford Weather – Mobile

Australian Extension

I have written a Wiki Guide at GitHub for the Australian Extension. The extension allows for the display of ‘feels like’ words based on Australian Bureau of Meteorology standards. The extension also allows for display of forecast information like the example shown below. Work is being done to make it easier to translate to areas other than Sydney. See Sheidow Park, South Australia Weather for an example of both the skin and forecast code live on another Australian site using Weewx.

Carlingford Weather - Forecast

Carlingford Weather – Forecast

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