24GHz Rain Sensing now Live

Darryn Capes-DavisWeather

The latest addition to http://carlingforweather.sydney has now gone live. Rain is now measured by a 24GHz local Doppler radar. The device being used is a Lufft RS2-UMB. With the device having no moving parts, measuring of rain is now maintenance free. The 24GHz technology measures the number, size and velocity of the rain drops to accurate measure the rain fall rate. The Lufft sensor replaces the Hydreon RG-11 Optical Rain Sesnor which was a cost effective but maintenance heavy sensor needing a very clean dome for accurate readings.


The full list of sensors currently feeding into http://carlingfordweather.sydney are listed below.


The supporting equipment running http://carlingfordweather.sydney is listed below.

  • Delta-T Devices GP2 Data Loger
  • Airborne Direct Network Serial Convertor
  • Windows server running C# .Net custom code to interface with the GP2 Data Logger
  • Linux server running Weewx weather software
  • Azure based server running http://carlingfordweather.sydney

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