I am a coder and have programmed in many languages across my professional career as well as for many personal projects.

My earliest programming was as a teenager using BASIC on a Amiga 1000. At University I learnt FORTAN77 and C with some GKS grapics programming in FORTRAN.

Working for Citect I branched out to C++ and honed my assembler skills while debugging the 16 to 32 bit port of Citect.

My latest language learnt has been Python, required for doing programming with the Weewx weather software.

This is not an extensive list. My coding posts will highlight various languages and techniques that I may use for solving problems I come across in my professional career and personal hobbies.

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ICLAC.ORG Website Refresh -
One of my skills is that of working with all things technology, including websites in Wordpress. Apart from this website, those which I manage in Wordpress include Alive 90.5 FM (, Bike North (
Weewx Weather Software Responsive Skin - The Carlingford Weather Website,, uses the Weewx Linux based weather software. Weewx allows for skins to customise the generated website. I have written a Responsive Skin for Weewx,
Trello Printer - Trello is one of my favourite productivity tools. It is so easy to bring together various tasks and checklists on a project and drive collaboration and successful project outcomes. However, sometimes project meetings are best not had

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