100 Radio Interviews with Alive 90.5 FM

Darryn Capes-DavisCommunity, Parramatta LGA, Radio

October 2020 is a milestone in my radio journey seeing me clock up over 100 radio interview with Alive 90.5 FM. Starting on Breakfast radio in 2019, my first interview was with Raff Del Vecchio focussing on the then upcoming Police Legacy Remembrance Ride. Fast forward to October 2020 and I have now delivered or shared in over 100 interviews on Breakfast & Drive radio, Alive 90.5 FM outside broadcasts and lately on shows Business Insights and Spotlight.

In 2020 I have had the opportunity to work with two amazing presenters in Mario Bekes and Jim Taggart. I joined Mario’s Business Insights program in May 2020. In July 2020 Jim Taggart returned to Alive 90.5 FM and I was fortunate to team up with Jim for the new program Spotlight. Both programs are interview style allowing for the 100 interview milestone to be achieved.

I would like to thank both Mario and Jim, as well as Alive 90.5 FM Chairlady Gillian Schrickker for giving me the opportunity to be part of community radio in Western Sydney.

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