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One of my skills is that of working with all things technology, including websites in WordPress. Apart from this website, those which I manage in WordPress include Alive 90.5 FM (www.alive905.com.au), Bike North (www.bikenorth.org.au) and International Cell Line Authentication Committee (iclac.org). It is the last website which I have managed a complete refresh under the creative and content direction of ICLAC Chair, Amanda Capes-Davis.

The brief from Amanda was to create a modern website with creative elements to draw the eye of the reader to look for more, while also gaining the acceptance of the members of ICLAC. Having worked on websites using image headers (Alive 90.5 FM), I went searching for an up to date and modern theme for WordPress. I had used X/Cornerstone (this site and Bike North) but I feel Cornerstone is getting a bit clunky and was lacking newer features like mega menus. After an extensive search I settled on Pixwell Theme.

As well as creative elements, I refactored the ICLAC website structure to use posts and taxonomy rather than the static pages set up 10 years ago. I was careful to make sure post slugs were maintained to match the old parent child page structure. After 24 hours Live there have been no 404 errors to catch and redirect. A great achievement.

Below you will find two Juxtapose to show the updated website against the old. I am sure you will agree that the new website is eye catching and engaging creatively, with more ways to click through to related content on the page.

Home Page

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Databases Page

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