Hills Winter Sleepout 2018

Darryn Capes-DavisCommunity

Did you know that the total number of homeless Australians as tracked by the 2016 census is over 116,000? This was an increase of 145% on the figures in 2011. This is while our economy has sustained substantial growth. These are the some of the disturbing statistics on homelessness as reported RMIT University's Professor Guy Johnson1.

About 7% of those without a home are living in improvised dwellings or sleeping rough. That equates to over 8,000 people doing it rough each and every night.

I admit that I have never slept rough in my life. Well, perhaps one night in a car when a bed at a friends place did not eventuate. To get a taste and to raise awareness of homelessness in the community I am taking part in the The Hills Winter Sleepout 2018. I will have a piece of cardboard and will take warm clothes and a sleeping bag. I will have nothing else.

I look forward learning more about homelessness with community colleagues including Hills Shire Mayor, Dr Michelle Byrne and City of Parramatta Councillor Bill Tyrrell. While they have spent many years sleeping out, this will be my first time.

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1. https://www.rmit.edu.au/news/newsroom/media-releases-and-expert-comments/2018/mar/expert-comment-on-australias-growing-rate-of-homelessness

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