News Flash! Australia Day Remains 26th January

Darryn Capes-DavisOpinion

There is being much said and written about Australia Day and its history. As always there are many views of the wealth of pages of our great history. However, it is the left’s push to dishonor this history that has led me to speak out to keep Australia Day as 26th January as it has been for many years, and will be for many more years to come.

“In history’s page, let every stage advance Australia Fair”

Our history is made up of explorers, pioneers, convicts, bushrangers, constabulary, entrepreneurs, migrants and the list goes on. All of our forebears, and all of us now may not agree on the pathways, but I believe we all wish to advance Australia Fair.

Australia Day celebrates who we are, where we have come form and where we are going. 26th January has been a celebration day since the start of the first colony, New South Wales, and has been celebrated by all of Australia as a national day since the 1930s. Many migrants have celebrated their Citizenship on 26th January, particularly since the end of the 20th century and into the 21st.

My personal story of pride in Australia and my family, as well as sorrow for loss, is with my Great Uncles who died in World War I. ( My heart goes out especially to their mum, who waited many months and years to hear of how they died and what had happened to them. Anzac Day remembers how they fought and died. Australia Day celebrates why they fought and dies. We cannot lose that celebration.

The call to cancel, ban or move Australia Day goes against all that Australia Day is. I support the reconciliation of all maligned peoples in our history including Aboriginals, but also those who have been wronged by any law or practice that is no longer current. There are many that need reconciliation, and we cannot try to reconcile all with hanging out Australia and beating it with a stick.

As written in The Catholic Press in 1915 “For the first time in the brief life of the Commonwealth, Australians will have it brought close to their hearts and consciences that they are in very truth one people, with one history, one speech, one flag, one purpose, and one ideal.” (AUSTRALIA DAY. (1915, July 29). The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942), p. 24. Retrieved January 20, 2018, from

Our Australia. Our Home. Our Australia Day.

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