Bus 548 Update

Darryn Capes-DavisEngineer

Darryn at Westmead T-Way Stop

With the Bus 548 campaign in full swing there has been great feedback. There has been a story in the Northern District Times which I am finding that many have read as I meet people I know on the street. The Bus 548 Facebook campaign launch has had over 500 post engagements.

I have heard from one Carlingford resident who had to give up her job after moving as she cannot get to Westmead for her 6:45am shift start in the morning.

I have heard that making Bus 548 a reality will require that Northern district drivers be trained to use the T-Way. That makes good sense and it is good to know the practical reality of such a new route.

I have heard that there are those who wish other routes to go via Westmead. For example, Route 603 from Castle Hill.

I have had questions as to whether the proposal is for reduced 549 services. On the contrary, Bus 548 is for additional services through the Epping to Parramatta corridor.

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