Northern Sydney Public Transport Missing Link

Darryn Capes-DavisEngineer

Bus 548 Campaign

No where to park!

As Head of Operations at Children’s Medical Research Institute I know how much hassle there is in getting to work at Westmead. If you need to drive, parking is horrendous. Many CMRI staff play the 2 hour street parking shuffle, which is a tremendous drain on productivity.

Public transport gaps

At CMRI I conducted a travel survey in early 2016. An interesting piece of information taken from the survey is that staff will only likely use public transport if there is a direct service to Weatmead, or an efficient change (train/train or bus/train). Hence we see many CMRI staff travel on the train from the inner west and from Penrith & Richmond, where there are direct train services available to Westmead. However, barely any staff caught public transport from areas like the Epping, Hornsby, Chatswood and surrounding areas.

Solutions needed

Northern Sydney needs to have links to Westmead. I propose that a solution be to provide a direct bus service to Westmead. A possible bus service is described in my Bus 548 campaign. If you will benefit from such a bus service, please review the campaign.

Bus 548 Campaign

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