Parramatta Stronger Communities Funds Proposal

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Windsor Rd to North Rocks Rd

UPDATE: Submission can be viewed at

I have made an submission to the Parramatta Stronger Communities Funds Proposal. The proposal is for a cycling/walking path from the corner of James Ruse Drive and Windsor Road to North Rocks Road opposite 99 North Rocks Road. The featured image of this post shows a diagram of the proposal. Yan also download the PDF. I have included text below which formed part of my submission. When it has been approved I will send the link so you can view online.

Provide any project details

Provide a safe cycling and walking route from corner of James Ruse Dr and Windsor Road to North Rocks Rd opposite 99 North Rocks Road. The pathway alignment is along the north of James Ruse Drive using the existing road area with a lightweight clip on bridge across North Rocks Rd. The alignment continues to connect up to the council owned old road behind houses on the SE side of North Rocks Road. The alignment then climbs the hill on the old road and bring cyclist/walkers back to North Rocks Road opposite 99 North Rocks Rd.

What’s uniquely transformational of innovative about your proposal?

The current pathway which was constructed as part of M2 road works is narrow and interrupted with bus stops and poles. At North Rocks Road it becomes non-existent bar the temporary works done for the M2 detour works. The Bunnings intersection is very busy and there is also the new entrance to the new development after the James Ruse overpass which will also become busy. The alternate route is separated from all on road traffic, have more favourable inclines to suit both cyclist and walkers, and allows them to enjoy the beauty of the Lake Parramatta reserve.

Describe the social and or economic and/or economic benefits to the community in more detail

It is believed that many students live along North Rocks Road and need to travel to Northmead High School. This alignment would allow for most of their journey to be away from roads. Cyclists who may wish to commute from North Rocks and Carlingford into Westmead, Northmead and beyond will not have to fight with the traffic at the bottom of North Rocks Road. This alignment provides a much better link of the on road cycle lane along North Rocks Road to the cycle route north through to Winston Hills and beyond. Allowing for this link will provide for an opportunity for school students and commuters to take up healthy options of walking and cycling.

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