M61 Bus Priority – Stockland Mall Stop Removal

Darryn Capes-DavisOpinion

Recently the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) have posted project information on changes to bus stops on Old Northern Road and Windsor Roads.1 This has been instigated as part of the Sydney Bus Futures and the Bus Priority Program, in this case, for the M61 Route.

While many of the suggestions make sense, and some are to lengthen existing stops, the proposed removal of Location 24 at Stockland Mall needs careful review. I often travel by bus from North Parramatta to Castle Hill, and this stop is very popular with elderly and students. Many of the elderly have their shopping with them. Making the situation worse is that the next bus stop, Location 23, is also being moved meaning a walk of nearly 350m with a dangerous crossing of one of the Stockland Mall exit ramps.

The proposal is to directly benefit route M61. However there are also the popular Parramatta to Hornsby Route M60 that uses this stop as well.

I will be writing in response to this submissions suggesting the review of the removal of a bus stop at Stockland Mall. If you are of similar opinion please also write as per the information on the community update.2 If you have a comment you can leave here or on Facebook.

The full project proposal can be found HERE.3

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